Table Reservations


We have two communal tables located at the front of the restaurant that are available for reservation. They are adjacent to each other, can be reserved singly or together, and seat 6-8 people each.

The fee for reservation of the tables is $118 an hour for each table. $100 of the fee will be applied towards you food and drink purchases, the remainder is applied towards tips for staff. You may of course make purchases that exceed the original reservation fee amount though your exclusive use of the table(s) will be limited to the duration of reservation times originally agreed to.

Any unspent food and drink purchases normally deducted from the reservation fee will not be refunded. This fee cannot be applied to the purchase of quarters, though we are more than happy to sell you quarters in bulk separately. We do have a cake cutting fee of $10 that can be applied to the reservation fee.

At the end of the reservation duration originally agreed upon you will be asked to vacate the tables to make way for other parties. You may simply relocate to other seating/areas within the restaurant.

To reserve the tables please fill out the form below. We will then contact you to collect payment information over the phone or email. We will charge a 50% deposit of the total fee to confirm the reservation. The other 50% of the fee will be collected when you close out your tab.

We will hold the table for 15 minutes beyond the start time of the reservation if you are late on arrival. If you do not show for your reservation the deposit amount will be applied towards a credit that you may utilize at a later date.

Thank you so much for considering Outer Orbit for your gathering!

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